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Evening 7-25-21 Scriptural Quote

Let me not be ashamed of my hope. Ps 119:126...... Read More
Posted 14 minutes ago by BrotherDocs

Discovery What Covid Vaxing Does ery-what- ovid...... Read More
Posted 2 hours ago by aKunaKumara

15 Years

It's been 15 years since I started writing about my marital issues. In 15 years nothing has changed. I have one year to go.... I stopped posting back in 2017, because I realized I was just postin...... Read More
Posted 3 hours ago by neptunetheblueplanet

Started With a Bang

Well, this weekend has started off with a bang. Son and his wife came to visit us yesterday and brought all the kids. They wanted to eat everything in sight, as usual, so I'll have to add a few m...... Read More
Posted 5 hours ago by AmalaTsering

Streaming reviews for week of July 25, 2021

1) "Cloudburst"--Prime--Movie--1 hour and 33 minutes--Olympia Dukakis died on May 1, 2021, and she will leave you laughing watching this movie--you have never seen her like this--she and Br...... Read More
Posted 13 hours ago by greatmartin

Hubby Flowers

Every once in a while, my husband surprised me with some beautiful flowers. Just because, he loves me and he knows that I love them. Years working in the floral industry, I have a huge love for the be...... Read More
Posted 13 hours ago by Zoey-Mae

who do we blame for the continued spread of this pandemic: the arrogant antivaxxers?!!

The title is from a view that I didn’t originally come up with but one that I nevertheless agree full-heartedly with. It actually comes from the statement by the Republican Governor of Alabama...... Read More
Posted 18 hours ago by scenefromtheleft

Anyone going to watch the Olympics?

I feel better today and all is well in the bathroom department if you know what I mean. The Olympics started yesterday, and I must say I have no interest in watching any of it. You can go online and s...... Read More
Posted 23 hours ago by sfeastbay

Will Be In And Out For A While Longer

Gary had a flare-up last night, and is unable to bare weight on his foot again. That means he'll be on crutches a while longer. I suggested he call his Dr. tomorrow, and let hm know what's...... Read More
Posted 24 hours ago by ellie1142545

Ghost Riders On the Storm

On Wednesday I mentioned the sudden deluge that hit us breaking a weeks long drought. It was a most welcome relief to the unrelenting heat and smoke and dryness. What I didn't mention was how dif...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by ZenofKen

Patrick Woods Telles it like it is...

"Anyone who thinks there will be a return to normal in America will soon meet the ugly reality that the attacks on American sovereignty and Constitution have only just begun. The globalists who a...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by FedUpToHere

Ana Bailao I Will Love You If You Love Me

Come watch the Japan stuff with me anytime in the next 2 weeks Portuguese Chick.I could massage your feet for you every commercial break.But I plan to watch NBC for way better commercials and the grea...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by wesleyonrot

Was Yesterday A Holiday

Was Yesterday a holiday I was unaware of? Here I thought Wednesday was just a regular day, last night as I was flipping back and fourth between HGTV and Hallmark I thought I heard something going on d...... Read More
Posted 3 days ago by ricciw55

Im working on it

I did the Ueta walk today. For those that dont understand thats the Border walk-down the MX side and up the American side. I just couldnt pay 10 bucks a pack for smokes here when I can pay 11 for a ca...... Read More
Posted 3 days ago by 4lorac323

7-20-2021 Prays Coming To You

1. Debbie: Mother has cancer. 2. Pastor Ron: his family was asked to be out by Nov 30,2021. Money we don't have to move...... Read More
Posted 4 days ago by worship247


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