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Must Marry Your Feet Chrystia

G20 Osaka Japan 2019 Foreign Ministers Dinner - This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by wesleyonrot

Rossini Bar & Grill Review--fort Lauderdale

Walking in the door the first impression was that Rossini was a new place, sterile-looking, with no warmth and certainly not Italian! We were greeted by 2 servers telling us to sit where we would lik...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by greatmartin

6-19-22 Love Quote

“The only sea I saw Was the seesaw sea With you riding on it. Lie down, lie easy. Let me shipwreck in your thighs.”― Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by BrotherDocs

Mental illness

I don't know when self-diagnosing became a thing, but I think diagnoses should be left up to the doctors. Anytime I haven't been myself whether physical or mental, I've gone to see a do...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by Troll2016

Our country is suffering from ... worshipping golden calves, having no direction ... with leaders that are just as lost...

Unfit For Our Own Government? By Ray DiLorenzo O ur founders had much to say regarding what kind of people we need to be in order to have a successful experiment in self-government. They laid out a f...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by FedUpToHere

Hello again all - - late update

Hello again dear readers, you know what time it is when you see my post. If you don’t well that is okay it means it is time for my once-a-month blog post. I know this is late, but it has been a...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by charmedbookworm

Friday Afternoon funny - 06/17/2022

Here toward the end of a day, it is past time to have some laughs, and who better to do that than our very own furry little pets, sometimes known as demons.... lol Have a good weekend...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by Gladiator2013

An hour of weeding

That's what we kids used to have to do every Saturday. We would grumble and complain, at least initially, but couldn't get out of it. And once we started, we hated to admit that it was actua...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by maggiesnextphase


Does anyone ever check the explore option on here? Sometimes Blogster does not work right with the notifications. I always check to see if someone has posted and Blogster forgot to tell me. Rant has s...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by katskorner

Night Sweats and News

I woke up last night at about 2 a.m. so wet I wasn't sure I hadn't peed the bed. My nightgown was wet (like somebody had poured a bucket of water over me). My sheets were wet and my hair was...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by AmalaTsering

Today was teeth cleaning day at the dentist, which I hate doing

Some people like going to the dentist and having their teeth cleaned. I've always hated it. I know why it's done, and that it's needed, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. Some...... Read More
Posted 11 days ago by sfeastbay

A possible solution for the hypocrisy of the right fighting for freedom....for themselves to interfere in the lives of everybody else

Now, this is going to be a flight of fancy. I say that because I think this idea has some advantages over the current situation, especially since we are still dealing with the bad effects of a madman...... Read More
Posted 12 days ago by scenefromtheleft

Does the color indigo flatter your complexion?

There's a method to my madness. Wear something like this when you're a spectator at a gay pride parade. If you're a man, let it be a t-shirt and trousers instead...... Read More
Posted 12 days ago by MisterCox

JUNE 14th

Happy Birthday, Old Glory!!! Happy Birthday, U S Army...... Read More
Posted 12 days ago by bigfatdaddy


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